1:1 Brainstorming Sessions

Please note brainstorming sessions are currently closed.

Stay tuned for when I reopen this service in 2024.

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Brainstorming is such a fantastic way to get those creative juices flowing. I love brainstorming, and two heads are better than one, right?

How it Works

Sessions include some work beforehand for me in addition to the Zoom meeting (or if you’d prefer to do the session(s) over chat or email, that’s fine, too). After a time slot is booked and payment is processed, I’ll connect via email to send you a Zoom link or discuss alternative communication details. You’ll send me a short synopsis or blurb about your project, the genre, and what you’re stuck on, and I’ll spend some time going through that first. This allows me to get a feel for your project and an idea of what your vision is, and then I can put some meaningful thought into it before we meet. Zoom sessions can have cameras on or off, your choice, and can be for 30 or 60 minutes.

I’m offering only a handful of these per month, so be sure to book in early to get your spot!


I’m currently not accepting bookings for erotica, epic/high fantasy, political, or religious stories. If your story has *excessive* violence/rape/gore, or if it involves children or animals being intentionally harmed, it’s not the story for me. Some of my favourite genres that I love to work in are thrillers (which also covers horror, gothic, supernatural, mystery, suspense, etc.), historical fiction, contemporary or historical fantasy (witches, time travel, past lives, fairytale retelling, etc.), romcoms, and some book club fiction.


Single Sessions (30 or 60 min):

$39 US for 60 min

$29 US for 30 min

Ongoing Sessions (60 min):

$199 US 1 x per month for 6 months

$129 US 4 x per month for 1 month

Ongoing sessions allow you several one-hour brainstorming sessions over a set amount of time at less than the cost of a single session. If you often find yourself stuck on a scene or unmotivated to write, this is for you! It helps you shape your story in several areas and is a good option for development assistance.

Brainstorming sessions can also help you with a query letter, pitches and loglines, character arc development, certain sections of your manuscript, beginnings, endings, etc.

If you’d like to book one or more sessions, please send me an email here so I can invoice you for the appropriate amount of sessions and we can get them booked. Please be advised I may need a query letter or synopsis depending on what you need help with so I can get a good understanding of your story.

Thank you so much for choosing to brainstorm with me!