Group Writing Sprints

Stay tuned! I’m in the process of getting these set up. In the meantime, read more about this service below, and subscribe to my newsletter (starting soon!) to stay in the know (and score my free Character Development Sheets while you’re at it!)

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You might be thinking, “Kat! What the hell are writing sprints?”

Well, we set a timer, we turn off all distractions, and we write! It can be a current project you’re working on or a prompt provided. I’ve found writing sprints really help when I’m stuck on something or I don’t really feel like writing but need to. I get way more words on the page than when not sprinting. And in terms of how that works when drafting, it means it gets done a lot faster overall. Is it a shitty first draft? Yes! All first drafts are shitty. But you can’t edit a blank page, as the saying goes, and getting words on the page inspires creativity and motivation. Sprints are one of my favourite aspects of writing!

Once I have these set up and ready to go, group writing sprints will be exclusive to my Ko-Fi subscribers. Ko-Fi subscriptions help me to keep my podcast going strong, bringing weekly writing topics and/or interviews with established authors, beginner writers, and industry professionals. The podcast is one more way I get to bring fabulous content to you all! The subscriptions also help cover the cost of the Zoom sessions. These group writing sprints are monthly Zoom get-togethers where we chat about writing and have a few short sprints. Prompts are provided if you’d like to use them (but you don’t have to if you already have something to work on). There’s an opportunity to share work if you like (you’re never obligated!) and it’s just a fun monthly gathering of creatives! (Ko-Fi subscribers might get other goodies from time to time, such as downloads or discount codes for various services!)

Stay tuned for more details!