Manuscript Assessments

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Manuscript Assessment: This service differs from an edit in that no in-document edits are completed. If you’re looking for an overall opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the story, or you’re not sure what type of editing your story needs, then an assessment is a suitable option for you. A read is completed and general notes are made. An editorial letter is provided with actionable feedback so you can then apply what you’ve learned in the assessment to your work. An assessment is essentially guidance into the next stage of your developing manuscript, and solo decisions are made by you based on the feedback you receive. This service is available for 0.012 cents (USD) per word for a maximum of 110,000 words.

Assessment of First Fifty Pages: If you’re getting ready to query and want to make sure your first few chapters are where they should be. I’ll read your first fifty pages and provide feedback on the elements present, what might be missing, how to tighten it up, etc. This service is offered at $200USD and will go towards your full edits once you decide which kind of editing would be most beneficial.

Please have your manuscript as polished as possible before submitting. It’s a good idea to have it at least beta-read and revised based on their feedback before substantial editing begins. Pages should be double-spaced with 1″ margins and text should be 12pt Times New Roman.