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When your manuscript is polished and ready, you’ll need to get your query package ready for agents/publishers. If you need help getting your query letter, synopsis, and opening pages in tip-top shape, look no further. Voice, tension, plot, characters, conflict, goals, and stakes must be present in a query. The synopsis should be a play-by-play of your novel—the key events that happen told in a dry, chronological way with no voice and all the spoilers. Check out this blog post and this blog post for some tips and advice on how to craft your query and synopsis.

In your first few pages, you need to nail key areas so you can suck in the reader (aka agent or acquisitions editor) and make them want more. These areas include character voice, tension, emotion, relatability, curiosity, etc. A hint at what the Major Dramatic Question is, what the character’s goals are, and what’s stopping them. We don’t want backstory, we don’t want an info dump. Nailing these pages is crucial in getting people interested.

Kathleen generally follows the “book/hook/cook” (or “hook/book/cook”—they both mean the same thing) style for query letters, which is what many agents prefer. With this style, your metadata goes at the top, your query blurb goes in the middle, and your bio paragraph goes at the bottom. 250-350 words is generally a good range—you’ve only got about thirty seconds to wow an agent/editor, so keep it short and make every word count.

Several packages are available, but if you need something that’s not listed here, custom orders are certainly available.

Please note: fees for synopses are based on 2 pages or fewer. If your synopsis is 3-5 pages, an additional $10 and 1 day is required.

Let’s get make those pages, queries, and synopses shine!

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