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📷 | Layne Beckner

Why hire an editor? Well, there are many reasons, but the most important one is that a writer needs a set of fresh, unbiased eyes on their words in order to catch errors that have been missed. Your brain knows the story you want to tell, but sometimes it doesn’t translate the way you want it to on the page. Your eyes have also seen these words a hundred times already through the various iterations of your manuscript. And because your eyes see what your brain thinks it wrote, it becomes challenging to see errors. They can be little things like spelling, grammar, or punctuation, but they can also be big-picture items like plot holes and weak character arcs and/or flow, unnatural dialogue, not enough tension, etc. If these items are left unaddressed, it can sour your book for readers and decrease your chances of securing an offer of representation or a book deal. You want your book to be read cover to cover and to be thoroughly enjoyed. Having a properly edited book can be the difference between making or breaking your career as an author. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals!

Yes, a good editor will be costly, but it’s a crucial step in the process if you’re planning to self-publish so you can be confident you’re putting your best work out into the world. It’s an investment, like hiring any other contractor for services, and should be a part of your publishing budget so you can set yourself up for the best chance of success. See What to Look For (in an editor) for more details!

Can you combine different types of editing? This depends on what stage your manuscript is in. Different types of editing look at completely different things, and it’s important to do the edits in the right order. For example, proofreading before you’re finished making big-picture revisions is a waste of everyone’s time. If you make substantial changes to your scenes and chapters, any sentence-level edits or proofreading changes will need to be made again—and no one wants to have to spend more money and time than they should.

If your novel is structurally sound, you may be able to combine stylistic and copy edits. A manuscript assessment or even a fifty-page assessment is a good place to start so I can help you determine what edits to focus on, and the cost of the assessment can go towards your full edit booking. (See assessment details here.)

I am genuinely invested in your success. Instead of just handing over your edits and sending you on your way, I take a teaching/coaching approach to editing so you can take what you learn in the edits and apply it to your writing, which helps to hone your craft.

Professional editors give you an unbiased, fresh set of eyes to see the big picture items and all the little details. I can help you see things you missed and suggest ways to improve your story to take it to the next level. With inside industry knowledge from my editorial and “baby” literary agent roles, and my experience working with publishers and private clients, I provide honest, actionable feedback, keeping your best interests in mind.

I can’t guarantee you’ll receive offers of representation or book deals. No one can in such a subjective industry with so many variables at play—so if someone is making that guarantee, that’s a huge red flag! However, I do promise to work with you to make your story and/or query package the best it can be so you have the greatest chance of success in your writing journey!

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