Webinars & Workshops

Stay tuned! I’m in the process of getting these set up. In the meantime, read more about these services belwo, and subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the know (and score my free Character Development Sheets while you’re at it!)

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

I’m in the early stages of development for a couple of topics, including self-editing 101 and a brief overview of the types of editing. Later, I’m planning a query package workshop and various elements/techniques of fiction writing. I anticipate the first workshop to be up and running in the fall.

What kind of workshops would you like to see here? Let me know!

Live workshops/webinars will be virtual via Zoom and will generally run between 1-2 hours. Fees for live webinars will be $49 USD.

Video workshops/classes will be offered on an ongoing basis and fees will depend on the content and length. The video sessions will be interactive in that, if there’s “homework” assigned, you can pause, work on it, then send it in for feedback before you continue the rest of the workshop.

I can’t wait to bring these exciting workshops to you!